Battle of the Books

Audubon will once again participate in the "Battle of the Books." This is an optional reading challenge open to 4th and 5th graders. Students are responsible for forming teams, reading the books, and participating in the "Book Battles." Team registration will take place in the fall and teams may have between 2-4 members. Teams may choose to practice - but no adult participation is allowed! There are 12 books teams need to read (teams may choose to divide the book titles amongst each other).

The teams "battle" by answering questions about the 12 books. All questions require the title of a book as the answer. Teams are not allowed to have a list of the titles during the battle and must know the exact titles.

Some additional details:

  • The Audubon library has four-five copies of each book available for team members to check out.
  • Teams decide which members read which books. No one student is required to read all twelve books.
  • The winning team from Audubon will compete via Skype with the top teams from other LWSD elementary schools in March.
  • Click the link below to print out a copy of this year's Battle of the Books list!
  • It's a great list of books for summer reading!