Elementary Orchestra

Lake Washington Region Elementary String Orchestra Program at Rose Hill Middle School

Serving Audubon, Ben Rush, Ben Franklin, Mark Twain and Rose Hill Elementary Schools
Directors: Mrs. Janet Miller and Mr. Andrew Bushnell

The Lake Washington School District provides group instrumental music instruction for all 4th and 5th graders. The goals of this program are to introduce the student to performing music on an instrument, working within a group of other musicians, and help them progress to performing groups at the Middle School and Senior High level. The Lake Washington Region instrumental music program has been very successful for several years, and we hope you and your child will choose to take part in this exciting and beneficial program.
How do we get started?
The students will be seeing a demonstration of all of the instruments, hopefully within the first week of school, and should decide along with their parents which instrument they would like to play. There will also be an Information Night on Monday, Sept. 15th at Rose Hill Middle School in the commons from 7pm to 8:00 PM. Information will be available from the String Orchestra instructor and also instruments will be available from a local music stores. String Orchestra will start for Beginning Cello and Basses on Wednesday, September 17th and Beginning Violins and Violas on Friday, September 19th. Please fill out and detach the registration form on this flyer, and return it to your classroom teacher or email it to Mr. Bushnell at [email protected]

When do the String Orchestra classes meet?

All String Orchestra classes meet from 7:30am—8:20 AM. There are two rehearsals per week, see the schedule here:


Mondays = Beginning Violins and Cellos and Basses
Tuesdays = Level 2+ 5th grade String Orchestra
Wednesdays = Beginning Cellos and Basses and Violas
Thursdays = Level 2+ 5th grade String Orchestra
Fridays = Beginning Violins and Violas

Where do the String Orchestra classes meet?
The elementary String Orchestra classes meet on Stage or Orchestra Room (204) the band room at Rose Hill Middle School.
How does my student get to String Orchestra and to their elementary school?
Students have three options to get to Rose Hill Middle School:
  1. Walk, only if within walking distance.
  2. If a middle school bus serves student's neighborhood, student may take that bus to school only if there is space available on that bus.
  3. Form carpools with other String Orchestra families to get them to the middle cshool.

At the end of String Orchestra classes each day, all students are bussed back to their elementary schools.

How much class time will they miss?
Students should get to their school fairly close to the start of the school day and should miss none or very minimal instructional time in their class. Teachers are supportive of the String Orchestra program.

Are there concerts?
Yes, we usually have two or three performances each year at RHMS with various levels of performers.A favorite is at the end of the year in May.

Will String Orchestra interfere with other activities?
String Orchestra is a fantastic opportunity for you and your family. We know how busy students and families are and we are always proud to have accomplished athletes, dancers, actors, hobbyists, and other interesting people sign up for band. We try to schedule our rehearsals and concerts as sensitively as possible so students can still pursue their homework and outside interests. String Orchestra is yet another way to become a well-rounded person. Students involved in patrol at their elementary may make arrangements with the string orchestra teacher when conflicts arise.

What instruments do we get to play?

What instruments are available to study?
Violin: a high sounding instrument
Viola: a medium lower instrument
Cello: a low sounding instrument
Bass: the lowest sounding instrument.

The cello and bass are available at RHMS to play during class.You are to rent a cello or bass for home practice. Keep rented instrument at home and use available cello or bass at school.

What do we need?

What equipment does my child need?

Violin and violas: shoulder rest
3-rinder binder just for String Orchestra

What book should we buy?
Music will be provided.We begin using books in December.

Where do we get an instrument?
Most families set their student up for success by renting a string instrument from two of the reputable string music stores in the area. If you already own an instrument in the family for your child to play, please have it checked out by one of the string orchestra directors to make sure it is playable. Please use a nametag on ALL cases. To find a quality instrument, we recommend inquiring at a music store that has a Luthier on site.

I don't have my instrument or binder yet. Should I still START string orchestra?
YES! We can wait for your instrument or 3-ringed binder to show up but there's information you need from the very first rehearsal. Please show up even if you're empty-handed.

Beginning String Orchestra Class Registration

Register online by emailing this information to: [email protected]

Student Name_______________________________ Grade _____________

Instrument Preference __________________________

School ________________ General Classroom Teacher ____________________

Parent/Guardian’s Names ___________________________________________

Parent Email Address ______________________________________________

For more information please contact Janet Miller, RHMS Elementary String Orchestra [email protected]